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In 2053 superstar SprawlBall player Chase and his team brace themselves for kick-off, only to find the stadium deserted and the other team slaughtered...

Idolised by the masses, shamed superhero Chase hates all the attention - does making millions by exploiting his mutant ability make him a bad person?  Probably.  But as long as they pay well, then leave him alone, he will persevere.  At least he’s found an outlet for his gifts.  Others aren’t so lucky.  

Combining sports, sci fi and carnage, it's got it all.

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I'm out of breath!
An intense story reminiscent of sci-fi movies from the seventies like Rollerball and The Omega Man.


Intriguing start to a series I'm going to keep an eye on. Hoping Arubatorosu gets his own book.


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